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We have virtually all properties for sale on the MLS contact us to day for a private viewing or we can send you the properties to view. Contract for deed-Rent To own-Land contracts-waterfront-cabins-lake properties-town homes-New Construction-Houses-Condo and more.

Installment Payments

It is common for the installment payments of the purchase price to be similar to mortgage payments in amount and effect. The amount is often determined according to a mortgage amortization schedule. In effect, each installment payment is partial payment of the purchase price and partial payment of interest on the unpaid purchase price. This is similar to mortgage payments which are part repayment of the principal amount of the mortgage loan and part interest. As the buyer pays more toward the principal of the loan over time, his(her) equity (equitable title or equitable interest) in the property increases.

Reason for a Contract For Deed

Most Contract for Deeds can be used for a variety of reasons, their most common use is as a form of short-term seller financing. Usually, but not always, the date on which the full amount of the purchase price is due will be years sooner than when the purchase price would be paid in full according to the amortization schedule. This results in the final payment being a large balloon payment. The home buyer may obtain a financing thru a conventional mortgage-FHA-Rural if that applies-Special funding-VA loan from a bank to make the final payment. Contract for deeds are sometimes used by buyers who do not qualify for a mortgage offered by a traditional lending institution, for reasons of unestablished or poor credit or an insufficient down payment-lack of time on at employment-tax liens-Contract for deeds are also used when the seller is eager to sell and the buyer is not given enough time to arrange for financing with a mortgage lender.

There can be other advantages of using a contract for deeds. When a third-party lender, such as a financial institution, provides a loan, this third party has its own interests to protect against the other two parties involved, the seller and buyer. Establishing the correct title and value of the property to be used as collateral is important to the lender. The lender commonly requires title service including title search and title insurance by an independent title company, appraisal and termite inspection of the property to ensure it has sufficient value, a land survey to ensure there are no encroachments, and use of lawyers to ensure the closing is done correctly. These third party lender requirements add to closing costs which the lender requires the seller and/or buyer to pay. If the seller is also the lender, these costs are usually not required by the seller and may result in closing cost savings and fewer complications. It may also be the seller's position that if the buyer requires any of these services, he could pay for the costs and make arrangements himself. For properties where only relatively undeveloped land is involved and if the seller is willing to finance, the price of the empty land may be so low that the conventional closing costs are not worthwhile and can be an impediment to a quick, simple sale. Easy financing and a simple sale transaction may be a good selling point for a seller to offer a buyer.

A land contract is a unilateral contract and cannot be assigned to another buyer without the consent of the seller providing the financing.

Can you claim a contract for deed on your taxes?

The IRS does allow you to deduct the interest portion of the payments you make under a contract for deed from your income taxes if you itemize deductions. You can also deduct any real estate taxes you pay, just as with a mortgage.

How long does a contract for deed last?

A contract for deed, more informally known as a land contract, is a type of seller financing. Typically, it runs from three to five years. The property's title remains with the seller until the full sale price is paid; a balloon payment at the contract's end is common.

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Regardless Of Past Credit or Current credit.

You Can Still Own A House in today’s Hot real estate Market

You can search Minnesota Real Estate by Counties with the click of a button. Just click on any County you want to live in and Browse contract for deed listings.

>You will find Contract for deed Condo’s-Town homes-Cabins-Lakeshore-Hobby Farms-Acreage-Farm-New Construction and much more. Cd terms are available on all types of properties-

You may find Information on the latest contract listings available and terms the sellers are offering in todays real estate market.

Direct by owner financing.Usually no banks are involved in seller financing once in a while a local lender will offer contract for deed financing but not too often.

“You can find 100s of the Contrract for deed listings on our site”


Contract for deed Faqs

A Contract for Deed allows a Buyer to purchase a home without obtaining a Mortgage. The  Seller becomes the lender to the Buyer, sometimes known as Seller financing.

Easy qualifying for our Minnesota contract for deed programs.

* How much Money will the owners want down? It is usually around 10% of the sale price of the property sometimes more each owner dictates the terms they require.

* Sometimes a Bank statement or Tax return to show the buyer has the down payment .

* Proof of employment.

Credit usually isnt an issue.

If you have 10% down of the sale price of the house you are seeking.

We will find you a house..

We have helped people buy a home with bad credit, self employed,Turned down by lenders, high debt to income ratios,Bankrupcy,low credit scores, short sales, Foreclosures,investing and much more.

Also clients who are in the middle of foreclosure regardless of your past or current situation we should be able to find you a home with cd terms if you have 10% down or more of the sale price of the house.

Contract for deed properties can close very quickly if the property is vacant as fast as 7 days.

Contact us today we will help make your dreams of owning a property come true.

Findin a contract for deed in a sellers market can be challenging. We have investors and clients who contact us all the time to tell us their latest inventory of properties coming available. We try to work with owners directly. We don’t advertise the whole MLS to try to get people to call us. 99% of other web sites are mls listings that are not cd properties they are trying to gather business.  We work with contract for deed homes daily.

We only publish Owner financed properties. If you want to close on a home quickly a contract for deed is the way to go. Getting a mortgage can take 30 days or more. A cd property can close in 7 days. Once your home inspection and title work is completed we can close. With a mortgage company their is alot of paperwork and underwriting-appraisals ect.

Closing costs on a contract for deed are a fraction of what it costs for a mortgage.. The down payment is usually higher than a mortgage but the buyer saves money on closing costs and that money is applied to the down payment.

What does that mean? The down payment comes off the balance owed right off the bat verses paying the Lender.

I recommend using a title company or law office to close the sale.

2. Using a BoardWalk Premier Realty  for finding a home and drafting the purchase agreement.

3. Do a home inspection.

4. Purchase title insurance.

5. Plan out the length of the contract for deed so you can refinance the property in the time frame.

6. Dont put all your money into the home till you refinance it. You may want to pay to put more money down when you refinance the house for less of a payment. Have a rainy day fund.

7. Dont wait till the last minute to know if you can refinance start looking at options to get your credit scores higher or debt paid down years in advance.

8. If you think you are going to have a hard time refinancing the contract for deed contact the seller and see if they will extend the contract. If not call BoardWalk Premier Realty Steve Vennemann and sell your property so you don’t loose out on the equity in your home.

9. Most importantly enjoy your home. You can get the tax benefits of home ownership in Minnesota and paint-remodel what ever you like to do.

10. Investing in real Estate is must have for your retirement portfolio. The Owner can receive a higher return on their money than letting it sit in an bank account or Money Market. We can help you sell your property or purchase a property on a land contract. Save $1000 of dollars on closing cost by purchasing a home on a contract for deed. Lease options-Rent to own.


I always recommend the buyer getting a mortgage first before a Contract for deed if possible. We will help the guide the buyer thru the process either way.

If we cannot get you into a mortgage we always have plan B with a contract for deed. With a mortgage it opens up a lot more properties to view. In this hot market we want as many options as possible.

We have access  Mortgage programs where lenders offer loans as low as 3% down Conventional-FHA 3.5% MHFA and Rural loans with a $1000 down and zero down. We look forward in helping you home Ownership dream a Reality.

Stop renting and put your money to your future and have home ownership. Rent to Own is a different deal you are renting til a future date in which you have the option to purchase the home. The renter does not have any ownership rights and the down payment is usually non refundable. I have seen the sellers sell the property before the buyer can buy the property. Still with a land contract if you can. The tax benefits alone gives the buyer their down payment back over time..


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